Friday, 28 August 2015

I Want to Play a Game – Vet Bill Price

I want to play a game.... 

I thought I would share my recent vet bill and let anyone interested guess the total.  The winner gets a pair of Lettia socks (winner's choice of whatever my local store has in stock at the time of contest closing).  You also get the glory of winning!

Please note that I also bought dermagel (which is only available through vets in my area now) and also had vaccinations done on the horses.  There is also $5% GST.  Oh and I live in Canada so the total will be in Canadian funds.  There were no travel charges as my vet is super close to the barn.

Closest guess to the total of the whole bill (including dermagel, vaccines and GST) in Canadian funds wins! Contest closes September 4th :)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Long in the Tooth

Back on July 30th the vet came out to do vaccinations and dental work on the herd.  I'm going to do a quick horse-by-horse breakdown of the findings, some of which are kind of interesting.


Apollo has the reputation of being the most difficult horse to float at the vet clinic.  I feel like they draw straws over who has to deal with him.  He apparently takes double the sedation of other horses his size.  And he metabolizes it very quickly.  He's only ever really doped up enough for three or four minutes, and the rest of the time he fights.

His teeth were in ok shape.  He was checked six months ago and I was told he could wait for another six months to a year.  He had a few sharp points and a tooth gap where food was getting caught.  Those were corrected with ZERO cooperation from the big horse.  We eventually propped his head up on a pushbroom and the vet assistant held his right side and I held his left side.  I'm not sure if the head position was more comfortable or if he felt more calm because I was there but he was slightly more cooperative at that point.

The interesting thing about his float is that they found a large patch of inflammation on his lower gums/cheek on the right side.  Apparently he had an allergic reaction to the QuestPlus dewormer I gave him a week prior.  A small percentage of horses are allergic to an ingredient called praziquantel(spelling?) in QuestPlus.  In future I will do fecal egg counts to see what dewormer he needs and will likely use ivermectin instead.  I thought that was interesting!

I did give his sheath a quick clean (as I do every month...gross) but since I had two other horses to bring in it wasn't the most thorough.


Mystic was a cooperative doped up horse, unlike Apollo.  She had a few sharp points and minimal cheek ulceration.  Nothing major.

She did have one wolf tooth though.  The vet didn't think it was in a place that would cause her any discomfort when she has a bit in her mouth.  It's on the left, so I will keep that in mind if we ever do run into any issues.  I figured if it was really doing any harm there wasn't a need to pull it.

I didn't have to clean her sheath...because she is a mare.  Remind me why I have geldings again?


Henry's wolf teeth were removed when he was gelded (in June 2013).  The vet that did the gelding/wolf teeth removal was the same one that came out for his float.  She remembered how hilarious and floppy he was during his gelding.   She also was the first vet that saw him when I bought him (when he was an underweight worm-filled scraggly baby).  She kind of gushed on how handsome he is now (which he loved).  I thought it was so cool that she remembered him!

He had a few sharp points as well but no cheek ulceration.  They topped up his tranq towards the end so I could clean his sheath.  Oh geldings.  His actually wasn't too bad, he didn't have any beans it was just reeeally dirty.

He was the last to be worked on so I took a few drunk Henry pictures and videos.  He's the cutest little doped up horse ever.

All the horses will be seen again in a year (as per the vet's recommendation).  I'm thinking about posting my bill and blurring out the numbers....closest guess wins a prize :)

Some cheesy dental humor stolen from the internet....*gold*

Thursday, 20 August 2015


The last two weeks have been full of surprises!

 A surprisingly clean Apollo (post-bath)

I have been incredibly busy at work so I am waaaay behind on reading my favorite blogs (and writing anything myself).  There are lots of big changes happening in my department at the moment.

I became an "auntie" for two babies this month, both who were born early.   Hooray for weird horse aunties!

Miss Maisie, born August 6th (due August 22nd) 

Mr. ? (yet to be named!), born August 17th (due September 12) 

I have been riding and working with Apollo A LOT.   This is pretty weird after our year of soundness crap.  It's so strange to have a horse that I can ride pretty much every day.

Majestic creatures

I spend most evenings wandering around on the trails with him. Last week we had our first ever full out gallop outside. He is super forward and willing, which makes my heart so happy. I can't believe how sound he is - he's actually a bit of a hot ride right now which is something brand new for him. His movement is bigger than when he was 8 years old. He's a wild old man! 

I had another great surprise today - one of my saddles sold! My schleese (cloud saddle) sold was at a tack consignment store and they sold it for $500 more than I paid for it - woohoo! It was so comfy but was just collecting dust....hooray for monies.

The sale of my cloud saddle was especially helpful because earlier today I bought Apollo another saddle. It's an older County saddle with an extra wide tree. I'm hoping it's comfier for me than the treeless saddle. It was only $450 so it should be an easy re-sale if it doesn't work. It's located out of province so I'm not able to try it out first...I'm going the leap of faith route. 

Hello new friend!  (should arrive in the next week)

I find that I can't sit up properly in the treeless saddle. I end up tipping forward into kind of a weird chair seat at any speed besides the walk. I think it's adding to our "hot horse" problem and I find I'm riding more with my hands than my seat - which is not good at all. Fingers crossed the county saddle fits :) Can't wait to catch up on my blog readin'!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Cubicle

Most of us work for a living (wishing I didn’t have to), some of us in way swankier places than others (right now thinking of all my friends who work at places like Google and Salesforce.. le jealous! all dem snacks!) Anyways I am curious for a pictorial tour of your office or cubicle. 

I work out of two sites during the week.  I have used this space longer so it’s a bit more personalized.  Nothing fancy and pretty tiny but I do like my job and my coworkers quite a bit so I don’t mind.



This is the blanket hanging on the back of my chair.  It gets pretty chilly so I use it often.  This was a gift from my parents-in-law a few Christmases ago.

My cool push-pin horse.  I had to add the post-it mane and tail because people kept asking if it was a moose.

Two pictures of me and my big pony.  Held up with dog bum and fire hydrant magnets.

Usually my desk is huge mess so the sign on the bottom is very accurate.

Cool bobblehead guy that my co-worker brought back from a vacation.  I bobble him while people yell at me on the phone.
Mollywog the Molly dog and Apollo.  Plus the note that came with flowers my husband sent me on my last birthday. 



Thanks L for the cool blog hop!   :)

P.S.  I have a horse.  Not sure if you could tell from my work space.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Here to Stay

I have so many things to post about right now!  There were some interesting findings during the horses dental work, there is new saddle for Apollo on the horizon and I have a new prospective instructor I'm meeting this week.

But those will have to wait for now!  I've finally made a decision on something that has been weighing on my mind for a while.

I never intended to have three horses.  I wanted a draft cross filly to be Apollo's trail buddy, so eventually my husband and I could ride together.  I applied to adopt Mystic but when I didn't hear anything for a few weeks my heart was stolen my a scraggly and adorable warmblood colt (Mr. H) in a feedlot.  After I paid for Henry and his shipping I was approved to adopt Mystic.  My bank account has been crying ever since - ha!

I always planned to sell one of them and Henry made more sense.  This has been on my mind a lot lately.

I also found myself seeing riders I admired and wanting to give Henry to them.  He's a quirky athletic dude, at times I have doubted my ability to ride him to his potential.  Draft crosses are my jam.  After giving it a lot of consideration I realized my motivation to sell Henry was more about my lack of confidence rather than the financial side of things.

I made a post on a message board about thoughts about pricing and help writing his for sale ad.  I started looking at horse classifieds to get an idea of pricing for my boy.  When I was looking at other horses it made me remember when I saw his photo for the first time.  It grabbed me.  Right from the moment I saw it I knew he was my horse.  I felt the exact same way when I first saw Apollo's photo and Mystic's photo.

So I decided, fuck it.  I'm keeping the horse.  I'm all in.

It is a challenge to manage the care of three horses, that isn't going to go away.  I think I do a pretty good job, and I'll continue to work hard to ensure everyone is getting a fair amount of love/handling.  When I told my husband that I had officially decided Henry was here to stay he laughed.  He never thought Henry was going anywhere (Henry is also his favorite herd member).
So we are a three horse family.  I have no idea what that looks like in the longterm but I know its the right decision for us. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

TMM Blog Hop: Bit of Luck

Hannah of The Moody Mare asks us:

I think that we all have those tried and true bits in our collection while others we just steer clear of.  Are there any bits that work like magic for your horse?

Apollo's magical bit is the Happy Mouth Shaped Mullen Mouth Loose Ring.  He uses a 6" and I recently bought a 5.25" for my young horses.

I stumbled into using this bit by chance.  I forgot my bridle one night when I had a lesson and had to borrow a bridle from my coach.  Her biggest bridle had this bit on it so I used it.  And Apollo was more respectful and responsive to it than his previous d-ring snaffle.  So I stuck with it!

Since I am so boring I have some future bit purchases to add on :)

I have been doing some reading on Myler bits and am curious to give them a try in the future.  I like the idea that they don’t create the nut cracker effect that a normal snaffle would. Hannah wrote a lot of great info on them in her original post.


I have always wanted to try a French link too.  I hear such good things from people who use them.  

Check out the original post here.  Thanks Hannah for the awesome blog hop! :)