Sunday, 6 August 2017


I have lots of get caught up on here.  

Mostly I have just been trying to stay afloat through home buying/selling, car buying (to replace mine after the accident), saddle shopping (for three horses yay), family trips and bridesmaids duties.  The last two things are pretty fun, the other ones are not so much. 

Q-tip head has adventures

I’ll provide a little update for each equine and I’m hoping to regularly post weekly updates on each.


ST and have determined that Henry’s saddle was likely the root of the bucking.  He has filled out considerably and the saddle seemed to pinch in the wither area.  A saddle fitter confirmed this. 

Hunk of a horse

I wanted to have a big pout about it but decided to try to be brave and carry on doing something with him… bareback… again.  He's been a very good boy.  

I am on the hunt for something temporary (have a few leads) and am planning to book the Devoucoux rep out to help us.  Sadly the wonderful Equipe fitter I used previously passed away last month.  She was such a huge help to me and was very kind to Henry and I both.

 Dressing up like a Golden Girl  
(he was drenched from a rain storm and had a massage booked)

Henry is unfortunately under the weather with a  bad cough (due to fires in a neighbouring province creating a lot of smoke).  He had a week off while I was away for a family vacation and it developed during that time.  I’m treating him with Zev and it seems to be helping.  Since we ride indoors (bareback people like to stay where the ground is soft on their green baby warmbloods) I decided to just give him more time off, the arena isn’t super dusty but I’d rather err on the side of caution.  

We’ve been doing some light ground work just to keep him focused and doing something.


After his disastrous month with the trainer's he decided to be very hard to catch.  He’s still a little sketchy but much better than when he first came home.  It took me longer than usual to get him trimmed (because I couldn’t catch him at all for two farrier appts) so he was a bit sore after I finally got him trimmed.

He is sound now and we are putting the wheels back on.  I haven’t ridden him since he’s been back but we’ve been doing groundwork and just hanging out together.  I feel a lot of guilt and regret about sending him for training with RK but I’m trying to stay positive and focus on what I’d like to do with Apollo in the future.

He also has no saddle (I sold it to pay for the training because I am an imbecile).  I have no qualms about riding him bareback in the interim as I hunt. 

I’m hoping to do some nice photos with him soon to celebrate 10 years together (which happened in June).

Maybe even nice than this one


Mystic is my BAMF.  I can’t brag on my mare enough.  She was my first ride after I broke my nose and hasn’t put a foot wrong for me all summer.  

A deer jumped out right in front of her on my very first ride back and she turned her eye to me as if to say “We cool?”  And I’m like “We cool.”.  She shrugged and carried on. 

I did feel on our last ride that she was feeling just a bit uneven behind so I’ve booked a chiro to work on her.  She is also due for a trim next weekend so that may help too.

She also does not have a saddle.  (Yes that’s right, I have three horses and no saddles because I am ridiculous).  I ride her all over the place and it doesn’t phase me.  This is by no means my long term plan but for now we are managing.

A note on bareback hobo life:

I am working really hard to get my herd fitted with something that works well for each of them but due to lack of budget it may take a while.  I am doing my best to remedy this but with some unexpected expenses occurring recently I don’t know when we’ll get it sorted.  I feel frustrated and bummed out about this but I also don’t want to overextend myself financially either.  It has been pointed out to me that if I had less horses I could probably afford nicer tack (accurate) but that’s not on the table at this point.  Just trying to keep swimming and slowly chip away at this.

If my condo would sell and I could buy an acreage that would be very helpful in this area :P  Fingers crossed!

I’m excited to do some blog reading to catch up with everyone! :)